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Who We Are And What We Do

Our team of Bitcoin nerds with elite knowledge of blockchain technology is very passionate about making a unique contribution to the blockchain revolution.

Jubiter was launched in 2018, after a year of development, only after we made sure that our blockchain-based cryptocurrency exchange is among the most secure in the world.

Like our CEO, Richard Brockhume said: “Today Bitcoin is purely the realm of technology enthusiasts. With the accessibility offered by Jubiter, we expect to see it brought into more mainstream use in the coming years. Jubiter is a real game-changer because we’ve shown that buying Bitcoin can be much simpler than it is now.”

What Jubiter has to offer?

As a Jubiter client, the privacy and integrity of your personal data are guaranteed. We use personal data encryption to ensure that no hackers, no other users, not even our own staff have access to any of your sensitive information.

  • Buy Bitcoin/Litecoin instantly with a credit card
  • Secure wallet
  • Cold storage of digital assets with additional security layers
  • A Jubiter debit card, to withdraw cash or pay whatever you want, whenever you want (coming soon)
  • An amazing referral program to invite friends and benefit from lowered commissions (coming soon)
  • Availability from the US, EU, plus an additional 161 countries around the world

At Jubiter we understand that choosing the cryptocurrency exchange can be hard. We strive to provide our clients with a friendly environment, fully compliant with regulations. We follow strict policies to provide our clients with the ability to freely trade their digital assets, protected from uncertainty.

Jubiter Technologies has obtained the following licenses:

  • Financial License - Providing a Virtual currency Wallet Service
  • Financial License - Providing Services of exchanging a virtual currency against a FIAT currency
  • SB Status in FinCen

Our primary goal is to grow alongside our satisfied clients and equip them with the necessary tools and knowledge, to enter the amazing world of cryptocurrencies At Jubiter we want to welcome newcomers, by turning complex processes into something as easy as online shopping, so everyone can buy safely purchase their first Bitcoins with a few clicks.