Bitcoin Mining Farms Spotted In Animal Crossing’s Virtual World

May 6, 2020, by Maayan
Players of Animal Crossing: New Horizons can build novelty Bitcoin mining farms―just don’t buy one and expect to make a profit.

Don’t Expect to Mine Bitcoin In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing players can build a novelty Bitcoin mining farm to decorate their home space―but it isn’t a real source of revenue.

One Animal Crossing player has built a replica Bitcoin mining farm for their customizable home space, according to Decrypt magazine.

Animal Crossing is a “life sim” game for Nintendo Switch with themeable homes and characters. Though most decorations are traditional furniture items, players can also buy high-tech decorations.

The player used Animal Crossing’s “server” decorations (shown on the left) to imitate the appearance of Bitcoin mining farms such as Bitmain (right):

Real Bitcoin Isn’t Involved

Right now, a replica server farm costs 100,000 “bells,” which are the in-game currency of Animal Crossing. Decrypt estimates that this amount is equal to $4 of real-world money.

However, Animal Crossing mining farms are just decorative, and they don’t provide a way to earn real Bitcoin. Bitcoin mining is a major investment in terms of time and hardware―and it is not something that can be done from within a video game.

Decrypt notes that another gamer built a similar Bitcoin mining farm in Minecraft, which is semi-functional, but ultimately incapable of generating real Bitcoin rewards.

Crypto In Gaming?

Though these decorations are a novelty, they are a sign that there is widespread interest in Bitcoin among gamers. In fact, cryptocurrency already has real potential in the gaming industry.

Atari is planning to launch a casino powered by cryptocurrency, and its custom crypto token is expected to go public in summer 2020. Other major video game companies such as Ubisoft and Epic Games have explored blockchain as well.

As such, cryptocurrency could arrive in mainstream video games in the near future.

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