How To Buy Bitcoins In 3 Easy Steps

November 20, 2020, by Cris
Jubiter offers multiple payment methods for buying Bitcoin instantly, including debit or credit card (Visa and MasterCard) and bank transfer.

Jubiter is committed to making cryptocurrency available to more people because we believe in the potential that it represents to positively transform global commerce.

The days of convoluted Bitcoin buying are gone. Jubiter allows you to buy cryptocurrency instantly online using your debit or credit card.

Here is how you can purchase cryptocurrency in 3 easy steps

Choose your Bitcoin amount and currency

Enter the amount of Bitcoin you’d like to buy and the fiat currency you’d like to use. We’ll instantly convert your Bitcoin amount into your chosen currency.

How to buy Bitcoin - Step 1

Add and verify your personal info

Enter only minimal personal information and personal documents to verify your account then enjoy fast, simple, and secure access to the crypto world’s lowest Bitcoin prices.

How to buy Bitcoin - Step 2
How to buy Bitcoins

Pay and get your Bitcoins

Once your information is verified, transactions are instant. Use either your Jubiter wallet to fund purchases or your bank or credit accounts. Your coins will appear in your wallet instantly.

How to buy Bitcoins - final step

The Bitcoin you purchased will arrive in your account shortly after you complete the process. It may take up to 48 hours to complete your order. Contact our support team if you experience delays.

When Bitcoin was launched in 2009, there were plenty of ways to obtain cryptocurrencies for free, such as Bitcoin mining and Bitcoin faucets. Now, more than a decade later, Bitcoin mining is dominated by large mining firms, and the Bitcoin faucets have slowed to a trickle.

Most people can no longer obtain Bitcoin for free or mine Bitcoin at a profit.

This means that most new Bitcoin users buy their coins from cryptocurrency exchanges such as

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