Chip & PIN Access

Jubiter prepaid Bitcoin
cards are equipped with
an EMV chip and a PIN
code for fast payments.


No Interest Charges

With the prepaid Jubiter
debit card, all funds are
preloaded from your
Jubiter wallet balance
and converted to Euros,
so you’ll never have to
worry about paying interest.


Low Commissions

Jubiter card fees are always
kept to a minimum.
See our full list of fees.


Fast Worldwide Delivery

If you reside in any of our
eligible countries, we will
ship the card directly to you.
See the full country list.


Control Your Money

Keep a close watch on
your transaction history,
remotely block your card
and more, all from the
card portal.


Transaction Notifications

(Coming soon) Stay on top
of your transactions by
receiving notifications
whenever your card is used.